Kaizen consultants: We support your search

Find your Kaizen consultant with ASE Automotive Senior Experts!

We place highly qualified and operationally experienced senior executives in retirement from the automotive industry as well as plant and mechanical engineering. Our ASE Senior Experts provide companies in the automotive industry with their many years of know-how as Kaizen consultants as well as their extensive methodological expertise at short notice.

Kaizen is a Japanese concept of corporate management that aims to continuously improve the performance of a company through the step-by-step and continuous optimisation of processes. Kaizen consultants guide you along the way, starting first and foremost with the individual employee's area of responsibility. This is to ensure quality from the very beginning. In addition, work processes are standardised, time and material resources are saved and weak points are identified and eliminated.

Our expert pool of Kaizen consultants includes 1,500 highly qualified managers and provides detailed information regarding the knowledge of our senior experts. In this way, the ASE team helps you quickly find the right kaizen consultant for your company.

Finding a kaizen consultant with ASE's support offers you extensive benefits. With a senior expert from our network of qualified leaders with hands-on mentality, you can comfortably bridge critical vacancies or personnel shortages in your Kaizen process. You can easily compensate for a lack of know-how in project management or change management.

Take advantage of our service and find your specialist for Kaizen and Kanban with us. In this way, you benefit in the long term from competent, active, self-reliant and creative personnel in your company.