Interim manager: shaping the future

Interim managers are in great demand nowadays and can expect high compensation for their work. This freelance activity is well paid and is based on flexibility as well as independence. The work as an interim manager is only suitable for people with the highest level of experience and sense of responsibility. As an interim manager your work consists of the short-term management of projects in the automotive and related industries.

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Your working field as an interim manager: a definition

How can the profession of an interim manager be defined?

Interim management refers to the use of external specialists who take over management tasks for a certain period of time. This is sometimes done at short notice, for example to bridge personnel bottlenecks at the place of deployment. Interim managers are used when business development or restructuring measures are required. Interim managers can also be in demand for other projects that require an experienced manager at short notice.

Interim management is a freelance activity. Interim managers are employed in different companies and for various projects. The average time of an assignment is between three and six months.

There is a great demand for interim managers; the market for interim management is constantly growing. According to a study by the DDIM (Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e. V.) the market has grown almost constantly in recent years by 20 percent per year.

Interim manager: these are your qualifications

For an activity as an interim manager, particularly experienced former managers and other executives are in demand. These are characterized in particular by the fact that they like to take on new challenges, are flexible and have many years of experience.

As an interim manager you should have the following qualities:

  • many years of experience as a manager, ideally over 20 years
  • a quick grasp of the situation, so that you can quickly adapt to new projects and environments
  • Flexibility, as projects are often staffed at short notice and require willingness to travel
  • willingness to take risks, as the time between projects can vary
  • good networking in order to gain new stakes through your contacts and reputation

In your work as an interim manager, working with a provider offers good support, as many projects are only awarded via these providers.

Interim manager: what are the advantages and disadvantages?


  • a well-paid fee with relatively few working days
  • as a freelancer you work independently of corporate policy decisions
  • various applications are possible in different companies and situations
  • you decide when, where, and how your work is done
  • continuous expansion of your contacts and knowledge



  • flexibility is required: new projects and environments are not for the common person
  • an interesting project can be far away from your home - whether you accept it is your free decision
  • working independently involves a certain risk

Use the services of a mediator for interim managers. They will find the right projects for you. Read more about it here.

Start your career as interim manager

Starting out as an interim manager can be difficult at first. There are a few things to consider:

  • good contacts are essential in order to be able to obtain first assignments independently
  • the independent acquisition is time-consuming. It usually takes some time until the first projects start. Assignments as interim managers are often assigned by recommendations.
  • besides a good network, an excellent resume is therefore crucial
  • It is advisable to know the legal conditions

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The 30 years of experience at Daimler have shaped me. I am thrilled that my knowledge is still in demand.

Dr. Helmut Wawra, one of more than 2,500 of our automotive experts

It's great to be able to continue working in a responsible position after retirement. With 25 years of experience in the automotive sector at BMW.

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