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Your exclusive access to the automotive industry's most experienced talent

Simply better:
expert recruiting by ASE

Thanks to our constantly expanding database of currently more than 2,500 experts, we fill your vacant positions with experienced interim managers — for practically any assignment in the automotive industry — in just 48 hours. And the best thing is, the search costs you nothing until an actual placement is made.



Simply the best:
ASE Senior Experts

Too much drive after your successful automotive industry career to be idling around in your retirement? Then use your experience and skills to overcome challenges that are just as exciting as they are rewarding —
become an ASE Senior Expert!


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Quick. Appealing. Easy.

Rapid expert recruiting by ASE

With over 2,500 registered experts, ASE Automotive Senior Experts is the single largest portal for highly qualified retired managers with hands-on experience in the automotive industry. ASE gives you seasoned experts as interim managers, allowing you to quickly and easily

  • avoid staffing shortages and find interim managers for critical vacancies
  • add needed skills for specific projects
  • enter new segments and expand with the assistance of experienced, highly connected specialists

ASE is able to provide a suitably qualified expert for any situation commonly encountered in the automotive industry on short notice. You, too, can take advantage of this unique opportunity to master your current challenges while ensuring and increasing the ongoing success of your company.

Independent. Specialized. Experienced.

The flexible experts from ASE.

No matter which position your automotive industry employer is looking to fill — you’ll be hard-pressed to find more competent staff than ASE’s experts. All experts available through ASE

  • possess decades of operational experience, extensive methodological know-how, and a proven track record of getting results
  • in most cases also have extensive experience in the key global markets for the automotive industry including China, India, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Mexico, and the US
  • are not currently under contract with an employer and thus available to start immediately


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